Happy Mother's Day!

Pete and I would like to wish all of our mommy readers a lovely, wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day! We'd like to specifically thank our amazing mothers for raising us to be independent, hardworking and without a doubt, wacky. 

Let's take a look at these awesome ladies, shall we? And embarrass some people while we're at it. 

Pete's mom, powerhouse, curious, gentle, understanding. 

Fran with Precious (RIP) and Daisy:

Fran and Pete in the "shady" basement in Chicago:

Fran with some awesome kiddos: Sam, Emily, Kaytee, Isabella and Nunu:

Fran loves her grandbabies!

Fran and her husband, Mike with their granddaughter, Emily:

Mike and Fran in the basement eating at the Pete-built kitchen picnic table:

Fran and her lovely children, Anthony, Marie and short-haired Pete:

BONUS! Old school Fran and her lovely old school children. Pete in a bow-tie = priceless!

Kara's mom, tough, survivor, social, rock star.  

Tommi with daughters, Ashleigh and Kara, in Aruba:

Tommi and her husband, Doug, in Aruba:

Tommi rockin' out on the keys during a concert with her band: 

Tommi enjoying a wacky dinner on a cruise:

Tommi showing off some leg on Navy Pier's Ferris Wheel in Chicago:

Tommi enjoying a rainy day crab feast in true Maryland style: 

Tommi para-sailing in Aruba (she likes Aruba, OK?): 

BONUS! Old school Tommi in high school:

SUPER BONUS! Tommi and her mom, Bobbi, downing some jello shots!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the super duper, powerful moms out there! You're all the best!!