Waiting with Bated Breath

You didn't think we'd live in the Astro Van forever, did you!? What, do you think we're crazy or something? Oh, you do. Well that's besides the point...

The Winnie reunion is days away, folks! We're flying back to Austin to pick up our lovely home and, once again, attempt to drive it out to California. Oh, how we've missed you Miss Marty McFly!

She's had some major upgrades since our last attempt westward and this journey looks promising. You'll recall, back in December, we took off to California with our measly automatic transmission and got stuck in Tucson, AZ. From there, we rented a car and continued west while the Winnie was expensively towed back to Austin for repairs and a tranny swap. Tranny Swap. Sounds like a fun party.


She's doing MUCH better. Our mechanic, Jonathan, is a Renault genius and worked a ton of magic on our French diamond-in-the-rough. 

Jonathan and Pete, pre-Arizona breakdown. Austin, TX.
I wish I could tell you all the feats of glory Jonathan performed on the Winnebago, but there are just too many things to name. (And also, I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to engines). Perhaps when we get our itemized bill, I'll make a list for all you Lesharo enthusiasts out there. I won't show you the bill, though, because you probably already know that the Winnie is a giant money pit. 

Back to the mechanic god. A few years ago, Jonathan paid $200 for a 1959 Renault Dauphine (named one of the 50 worst cars of all time), fixed it up and drove the thing from Austin to Alaska. It was his "Dauphine Destiny." People thought he was crazy too. We just think he's clever. 

You can check out some of his press from Austin's Statesmen in the video below:

And did we mention that Jonathon is coming with us!? That's right. He was in the mood for a road trip and we were in need of a breakdown insurance plan. Win/Win. Of course, we're hoping for precisely zero breakdowns on this road trip. It hasn't happened yet

I'll be flying to Austin tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to do some visiting (we miss it!). Pete flies out after work on Wednesday night. We plan to depart Thursday morning. 

So send us good vibes. We need 'em! A little more of this, please: 

A little less of this:

Oh! And stay tuned for a ridiculous surprise! We have something rad (and possibly very stupid) in Austin that will be traveling back to California with us. If you think we're crazy now, just wait...