Operation Westbound Winnie: Let's Try This Again

Oh, how we’ve missed Austin. Granted, early spring is the best season for visiting, but still. It’s a rad city.

This is the week we've been waiting for. It's been months since we called the Winnebago our home, and we're ready to reclaim her! This time, she's gonna make it to California. She has to. Or else I'm gonna lose it!

I flew to Austin a day and a half before Pete because I’m unemployed and wanted to stuff my face with Tex Mex. (Pete's on a diet). I got in Tuesday afternoon and spent my time doing some of my favorite Austin things.

1. Stuffing my face with Tex Mex and drinking cheap margaritas:

2. Hangin' with my BFF, Molly:

3. Admiring how rad Austin is:

4. Playing with dog friends, Gremlin and Kiedis


5. Drinking rum cocktails on the porch while receiving dog kisses:

6. Watching RuPaul's Drag Race:

7. Snuggling with dog friends:

8. Getting the feet wet with Molly and Gremlin at Barton Springs:

9. Drinking some brew and eating mac n' cheese at Uncle Billy's (we used to live at the RV park next door):

10. Hunting down Proletariat stickers:

11. Drinking brew and eating local at Black Star Brewery and Co-op:

As much as I wanted to go do a million things, my short time in Austin was perfect. Honestly, it was great to just be able to stand up in a house, watch trashy television, sit on a porch and sleep with the windows open. It’s the little things.

Pete arrived late Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning). Trusty mechanic, Jonathan, picked him up at the airport and delivered him to the Winnebago. With its newly installed manual transmission, Pete took off to Molly’s house where we opened Winnie’s windows to air out that “stale” smell and then promptly passed out on a leaky air mattress in the house.

After bidding Josh and the dogs a farewell, Molly, Pete and I met up with Jonathan at Kerbey Lane, a 24-hour breakfast hot spot since 1980. Pancakes, eggs and breakfast tacos abounded. 

Afterwards, we got to see it for the first time: our ridiculous surprise!

[Disclaimer: This was all Pete's idea.]

Since our last trip out west was such a blaring success, we thought, "why not spice things up a bit?". So we bought a 1974 VW Bus from Jonathan and it's coming with too.

We doubled our risk of failure. Fantastic! But at least we look cool. 

In case you haven't been able to keep track, we are not the proud owners of four vehicles and zero structures. We’re sensible people. At least we've got plenty of room for guests...


Live update: We are currently in Clovis, New Mexico. Things have been running fairly smoothly- Winnie has trouble going long distances, so she needs a lot of rest. Hoping for Flagstaff, AZ as a stopping point. Updating the blog has proven difficult since we no longer have a hot spot. Or smart phones. Because we don't exist in the 21st Century...

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