Squeezin' Grapefruits

Over the weekend, Pete and I got together with our buddy, Jeremy (also Pete's coworker), for a lovely feast of waffles. Jeremy was a gracious host, allowing us to drench our waffles in delicious maple syrup from his hometown in Vermont. We filled our bellies and admired the adorable house Jeremy is staying in, owned by a lovely older couple. 

Upon recognition of the beautiful weather, we fled outside to soak up the sunshine. It didn't take long for Pete to look up and start fawning over the massive grapefruit tree that shaded us. Within moments, he was climbing the tree and throwing grapefruit after grapefruit towards us.  

Pete in a flexible tree stance.
Jeremy catching grapefruits from the net.
Some of the grapefruits didn't make it, gaining too much momentum on the net above our heads and crashing to the ground in a juicy explosion. But being that the grapefruit tree hadn't been picked or maintained in, oh, say, a decade, there were plenty more to choose from. 

Our citrus harvest was massive and we were ready to dig in. 

We each sampled a slice- rather bitter but super juicy! It was definitely time to break out the juicer and get to squeezing! 

After all the initial legwork performed by the boys, I was jazzed to get juicing. Immediately, I felt the presence of a small cut on my thumb that I was previously unaware of. Citrus! 

While I was busy juicing, Jeremy kept my supply stocked by cutting all the grapefruits in half. Pete was drinking beer. 

By the end of the juicing efforts, we hadn't even gotten through half of the grapefruit pile. But we had two and a half containers full of juice. And I had some very pulpy hands. 

Upon Pete's request, we decided to keep the pulp, hoping to extract even more juice from it. Utilizing a technique similar to that of a winemaker, we placed our grapefruit pulp onto a taught piece of thin fabric secured over a mixing bowl, hoping its juices would sift through to the bowl. 

Our results were minuscule. Maybe a half a cup more juice? Perhaps we were impatient. Pete's waited for days to fully extract juice from a grape mash for wine. We gave the grapefruit pulp about 25 minutes. 

All in all, however, our grapefruit juicing party was a delightful success and our final product was a tasty and refreshing treat on a beautiful February afternoon. 

But you have to be careful with grapefruit juice: If you drink too much, you'll be running to the bathroom in no time. Unless, of course, you're interested in a "cleanse diet."