Van-house entertainment can certainly be a challenge. There is no comfortable seating arrangement- the bed being too lofted to multi-function as a couch. We have no electricity. It can sometimes get a little chilly. Our only modern convenience is a crappy AM/FM radio. And it's cramped.

Enter: wine.

We're no boozers, but every once and a while we like to polish off a nice bottle of pinot noir or riesling. Safety note: we're always sure to park and stay parked once we pop the cork for the evening. 

We light the fireplace, which adds a warm and romantic ambiance to our otherwise industrial surroundings. 

And then things start to get silly. For instance, we break out the seaweed and get to snackin'!

Then Pete gets a hold of the camera and goes buck-wild with a photo shoot. A small percentage of his portfolio is displayed below:

I turn the lens on him, allowing him to show off our fancy entertainment center. 

And when the wine's gone, there's nothing much left to do but sleep...