Minor Incident

This is Cory Matthews:

No, not that Cory Matthews. He's been with me for over four years. We have a love/hate relationship. When Cory gets introduced into new situations, he tends to freak. And two of those situations just so happen to involve Sara (with whom Pete and I are currently staying). 

The first: Sara, Susanna and myself lived in Chicago together during the summer of 2007. What follows is an old school picture of Susanna and Sara. (Kara, not pictured).

God bless Facebook
At the time, we were all bikeless. So to fill the void, we hopped on the red line to Evanston and shopped around at the Recyclery, where each of us found our perfect bike. 

To make a long story short, Sara borrowed Cory Matthews one day (for convenience sake) and BAM! She got doored. (Dooring is when a person opens their door without checking their side-view mirror and either hits a biker on the side or the biker slams into the door from the front). 

Totally sucked. For Sara (nasty bruises). And Cory (bent front rim). 

Jump to Mountain View, California- yesterday. Cory's still with me. I'm riding him (you know, the bike) and Sara's going strong on her new wheels. We're on our way to a two-hour focus group for a whopping $30 cash. (It cost me more to ship the Winnebago back to Austin than it did to buy the damn thing in the first place. So, yea, I'm going all out for the dollar bills). 

Rounding an overpass, I decide to pull off onto the sidewalk to wait for Sara to descend. I'm thinking "I should really move onto the sidewalk because it seems stupid to stop and wait in the street, even though this street is not very busy and the bike lane is massive." So I pull off onto the sidewalk. Except that the sidewalk eats me.

Apparently California driveways fail to mesh evenly with the pavement, a fact I was not really aware of until I was skidding along side of the minor curb and subsequently crashing onto the ground. My failure to enter the sidewalk at a more perpendicular angle will continue to haunt me here in Mountain View. 

After my body finished barreling toward the ground, a lady nonchalantly walked by and proclaimed, "Yep. That happens all the time around here," and proceeded to walk off. 

At least I'm not the only bike-challenged person in town.