Dispatches from a Kia, Part III: Arriving at Destination

Our drive to Michigan was nearly complete. The first and second legs were a great success. We only had six more hours of driving to go before we could relax on a comfy couch, watch TV on a flat screen the size of our bed and cuddle up with four of our favorite dogs. 

We were up super early Wednesday morning to take our friend to the airport. Traffic was already building by 4:30am, but being the day before Thanksgiving, I guess I shouldn't complain. From there, however, it was smooth sailing. Fatigue aside (we may have purchased a bottle of NoDoz), we didn't hit any major road bumps (pun intended). 

We were in Lapeer, Michigan before noon. We stopped off at the local Meijer to pick up some beer (Bell's Winter White Ale), then it was off to Pete's house, which we never left until our day of departure. 

We spent the majority of our time sipping hot tea, napping, eating delicious meals courtesy of super-mom Fran and watching the cinematic gem, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. It was all about getting cozy and de-stressing. 

We were exhausted.
Really exhausted.

Even the dogs got tired of being excited to see us:

Because our main man, Brutus is getting, like, really fat, we had to exclude him altogether from our twin bunk-bed (where he'll occasionally sleep) and force him onto the trundle. I think he still felt like he was part of the gang. Even though Pete and I are used to tight spaces, we still couldn't afford to squeeze that big guy into bed with us. In all honesty, I don't think he'd be able hop up onto our bed by himself anyway.

Thanksgiving was awesome. The usual fare was provided and it was positively splendid. The day was filled with family, football, over-eating, excessive drinking and gambling with pennies.

Pete shares the facts of life with nephew, Sam:

It's like a Christmas card...if we did Christmas cards:

Playing dice:

The whole crew gathers for a family photo. Rather shockingly, Mike awoke from his slumber to participate. Can you tell which one is Mike in this photo?:

Following tradition, Pete poses with his niece and nephew, Emily and Sam, for a staircase snapshot:

And to ensure that Brutus does not ever forget our oh-so-charming smells, we covered him in socks:

Our time in Michigan was short-lived, but it was well worth it in my opinion. I missed that place. It's hard to believe that the last time I was there, I had never even spent a night in an RV in my whole life.

TRAVEL EXPENSES (or "Should We Have Flown?")

Sun 11/20: $21.18
Mon 11/21: $62.07
Tue 11/22: $46.07
Wed 11/23: $38.96
Thu 11/24: None
Fri 11/25: None

Sun 11/20: Free
Mon 11/21: $32.19
Tue 11/22: None
Wed 11/23: None
Thu 11/24: None
Fri 11/25: None

Sun 11/20: None
Mon 11/21: $34.60
Tue 11/22: $44.73
Wed 11/23: $25.92
Thu 11/24: Free
Fri 11/25: Free

Wed 11/23: $19.49 (motor oil)

TRIP TOTAL: $325.21