California Dreamin'

Exciting news! Pete and I are taking the Winnie to the streets again. We're California bound and we're leaving today! Pete will be joining a different project at work, so we're moving to headquarters in the Bay area. 

We anticipate a 4-5 day trip, visiting a few friends and doing some sightseeing along the way. 

Unlike our first road trip in the Winnie (when we drove down to Austin), this time, we have a deadline. So mishaps aren't really an option. Thankfully, our Winnebago has been in good hands for the last two weeks. When we left for our Thanksgiving trip to Michigan (Dispatches from a Kia), we handed the Winnie over to our trusty mechanic, Jonathan, whom I'll profile in a later blog (because he's awesome). 

Jonathan and Pete - Renault proud
And wow, he did an incredible job. She runs like a race car now. After all the work he did, we're pretty shocked we made it down to Texas in the first place. Back then, we were misfiring on a cylinder, leaking gas and had no heat. What a change! Totally pimpin' now.

Right now, Pete and I are packing out the Winnebago from the Econo Lodge we've been staying at for the past week (classy). We're in no major rush to leave. In fact, this whole ordeal brings me back to our first departure from Michigan last December. We were up all night packing and didn't leave until 3pm the next day. We'll take off when we're ready. The goal is to make it to Fort Stockton, Texas this evening, about a 7 hour drive including fuel and food breaks. 

The biggest concern of the moment: weather. 

Snow! Really!? 23 freaking degrees! Just two days ago, I was sipping cocktails on a patio with nothing more than a light cardigan. Our timing as we leave Austin is unfortunate. Although chilly today, we'll be sad to leave the mild winter weather here. Especially after that whack-ass summer. 

Looks like we'll be resorting back to the body-heat method of staying warm tonight. Snuggle time!