The Super Monster

A few weeks back, Pete and I joined buddies Molly and Josh for a lovely dining outing at Freebirds World Burrito. It's like a Chipotle with way more options and slightly less taste. 

Pete went for the Super Monster, a seven-pound burrito stuffed with delicious meat, a variety of salsas and copious farts. I opted for the smallest burrito, the Hybrid, which is a much more reasonable size, no?

So how'd we do?? Embarrassingly, my stomach forced me to surrender to my bitty burrito and wrap the butt of it up for leftovers. Pete, however, did surprisingly well.

He came close to completing that massive missile of Mexican, but he wisely decided to leave a little bit behind for breakfast the next morning.  

I'm glad he ate as much as he did (despite the tummy woes that followed), because if the remainder was any larger, then it wouldn't have fit in our Winnebago's measly fridge.