Out With the Old -- In With the New

Yea, yea. It's been a while. I know. But we're back in full swing and we're making changes, y'all!

In with: A new bed! A big-kid bed! You remember our old bed, right? The lumpy futon mattress we used to slumber upon down in Pete's moldy-ass basement? The one Pete chopped up and sewed back together with dental floss so as to fit our teeny-weeny Winnie bed frame? What a freakin' delight she was:

We felt no sympathy or remorse in her disposal. In fact, we were overcome with elation!

So long restless nights, sore backs and endless fluffing! Who knew we could find night-time bliss from a $249 roll-out IKEA mattress? For reals? We could've bought that sucker, like, nine months ago. What the hell were we thinking all this time?

Whatever. It's awesome.

Out with: Summer. Hot damn! What a loathsome 5+ months that was. You start acting delusional when every single day looks like this:

90 sweltering days over 100 degrees. Horrible. The best word I can use to describe this nonsense: sticky. Especially as a bike rider. Very uncomfortable commutes to and from work. Entering 'the outside' was like standing in an oven surrounded by 15 diesel engines with a hair dryer in your face.

We chose possibly the worst year in history to move to Texas: coldest winter in 20 years; hottest summer...ever; most severe drought. You know you're tough as shit when you can survive Chicago winters in an un-heated basement and Austin summers in a broke-ass Winnebago. Bring it on Mother Nature!

Good news is: the weather's fabulous now! While the Halloween snow fell on the east coast, we've been basking in the glory of 82 degrees, cool breezes and perfect sunshine. How pleasant it is to enjoy the outdoors again! Open windows! Fresh air! Oh, how we've missed you! 

A 'cold front' comes through tomorrow. Shocking how downright chilly 69 degrees can feel. Oh, and there's a chance of rain. Let's be serious...

In with: New skillets!

Pretty neat. Except, they're not necessarily that much better. Sure, our sunny-side up eggs cease to stick in the morning. But damn, my cheap-ass pan-I've-had-since-I-was-a-freshman cooked a killer quesadilla. I think we're just going through an 'adjustment' phase. 

Out with: Paper towels. Yea, you heard me. Can we get more stereotypically hippie? But while Pete was perusing beds at Ikea the other day, he spotted a bin of cheap dish towels and decided to buy 21 (excessive?) of them. Napkins, rags, dusters, you name it. These bad boys can do it all!

And you know what? Mother Earth wins! Comedian Jim Gaffigan points out the obvious flaw: "I guess we should know  paper towels are bad for the environment. They do have a lumberjack on the label."

(Listen to the whole bit below)


Out with: After School. In with: Working from home! So I quit my job as an After School Site Director. Yea, yea. I'm failing our children. Sorry about that. But the hour commute (bike and bus) each way, only to work for 3.75 hours was becoming draining and illogical. When all the extra time, effort and bus fare was put into account, I was making around $7 an hour. I was fairly certain I could do better. 

So now I'm rocking additional hours working at the hotel (a rival to the hotel chain my dad spent 35 of his years working for). And I'm also an employee for a work-from-home (totally-not-a-scam-I-hope) job. Now, Pete and I are both contract employees for the same company. Can you believe it? 

I've coined myself The Work-From-Winnebago Woman. And I'm thrilled! Nothing better than sitting in my jammies, sipping some Carlo Rossi and raking in the big (err...mid-sized) bucks!

I'm sure there are more exciting updates waiting for us in the future. Solar panels? Storage additions? Plumbing upgrades? Maybe we'll even get to pee and poo like normal people!