Our Winniversary!

A few days ago, Pete and I celebrated our one year anniversary as homeowners. Unfortunately, having this celebration in our home was not really an option for the Winnie's power had been dead (fried) for nearly three weeks and Austin's high temperature was still hitting 104. 

Pete came home from work (a whole three weeks away!) late Thursday night, and instead of trying to fix the Winnie's problem then, or tough it out in a steamy metal box for the night, we decided to bask in the glory of a cheap hotel room for the night. And we dined on greasy pizza and super cheap wine. And it was stellar. 

We get back to the Winnebago early Friday morning and whatdayaknow? Pete fixes the damn problem in five minutes. AC's back on. Refrigerator's working. Lights! When Pete looks in the electrical box, he sees positives, negatives and grounds. When I look in there, it's like a tangled mess of Medusa's hair. Electrical shit just turns me to stone.