*Mobile* Home

We've officially been Winnebago residents for almost nine months now and honestly, we've become a bit sedentary.

Initially, we planned to boondock all around Austin, parking on various available streets and showering at the YMCA. Well, we lucked out when we nabbed a cheap "temporary" spot at the most convenient RV park in Austin. I guess they like us, because they haven't kicked us out yet...

Early on, before Pete retrieved his car from Michigan, our Winnebago was a bit more mobile. We took it out for larger grocery trips and occasionally, Pete would pick me up from work in it, a rather comical site at a middle school.

With the addition of the car, the Winnebago tended to stay put (save our big "move"), comfortable in it's parking spot home. Our mobile home had become anything but mobile.

So it was certainly a surprise when, during a mundane Saturday-night shift at the hotel, I received a text from Pete that read:

"I'm outside on the curb with the winnie."


I run outside in my stupid sweater vest. It's 100 degrees. And sure enough, the Winnebago is just down the street. Pete's inside, drinking a Shiner Boch. And it's thrilling! We had forgotten just how cool it is to be able to move our house wherever we want.

And you know what else we had forgotten about? The parking break. When Pete initially pulled into the parking spot, he neglected to engage the parking break (we have no "park" gear). When he exited, the Winnie started rolling down a hill towards an unsuspecting car. So Pete, while fumbling for the door key, had to run after our house, quickly unlock the door, hop in and pull the parking break before it slammed into said car. Thankfully, all was well.

Now that I've become sufficiently excited, I rush back inside, close up my section as fast as I could and got the heck outta there. It's a Winnebago street party!

It was a bit warm inside, without AC and a serious lack of airflow. But we were pumped up on Winnebago adrenaline, so we didn't care.

And look! A bus in our 'backyard':

Being back on the mean streets of Austin certainly fueled our desire to start traveling around again.

Ultimate freedom! We can live anywhere we want! Well, anywhere that's not on a steep mountain...and doesn't get snow...and where it's not too rainy...or too rocky...

I guess we'll just stick with Texas for now.