No Viva Las Vegas

Last week, Pete scurried off to Vegas for work...but not without some drama, of course.

No, no. It's not what you're thinking. He didn't get married or start a fight or lose a million dollars. (Although, one of his co-workers was extremely close to drunkenly tying the knot). In fact, Pete's predicament was far more serious. Deadly, even. 

Enter: The Black Widow. 

What a way to ruin a trip to Vegas, huh!? He was bit on the top of his foot and immediately we knew from the swelling that this was probably not so good. Pete rarely has issues when it comes to bugs, so the fact that he was dragging around an excessively fat foot meant he should most likely seek medical attention. (I would just like to add now that I formally take back all my previous complaints about receiving copious amounts of bug bites all the damn time).  


VERY sexy.

Before his first full day of work, Pete goes to the doctor, who was shocked that he could even stand. It was confirmed that he was, in fact, bitten by a black widow spider. He was given a prescription for a 4-pill-a-day, 10-day-long, make-you-nauseous anti-venom. Why the doctor does not have this anti-venom in the office is beyond me (you'd think that a deadly spider bite would facilitate a greater sense of urgency and perhaps a treatment could be delivered from within the doctor's office...). 

Facing a lack of time, Pete doesn't fill his prescription until after his 8-hour work day. Luckily, the drugs seemed to work just fine. The swelling went down after a couple days and he'll be finished with his pills today.

Viva Las Vegas.

RV love in Vegas

But the drama doesn't end there, folks.

Originally, Pete's trip was scheduled for only a few days, but after they arrived, it got extended for an extra week. And with a quick phone call, Pete was able to finagle his own room for the remainder of the stay at the Luxor.

So obviously I bought a non-refundable ticket to Vegas. 

Oh boy, I was jazzed. I hadn't been to Vegas since I was like eight (where my sister and I spent most of our time making popsicle stick houses in the day care center while our parents gambled the night away). It was time for big-girl Kara to tear up the town. And now, Pete's beer wouldn't go to waste! (He bought a bit for his room on the first day, but later found out he couldn't drink on his anti-venom). 

Well, what do you know. Pete finds out on Friday that he's coming home that night. Great. I mean...awesome! I get to see my boyfriend. That's fabulous. But I just spent a shit ton of cash on a useless plane ticket. I thought about just going, but where the hell would I stay? The airport? 

In the end, I suppose I SAVED money. Get this logic: I clearly would have spent a decent amount of money in Vegas (I'm a pretty cheap date, but still). AND, I picked up four extra shifts at work. So win-win??? Right!?