Nine's a Crowd

It was undoubtedly a shock to many when first finding out that Pete and I were permanently moving into a 21-foot RV. I'm fairly certain that my mother believed we were just taking a quick road trip to Austin, where we would immediately move into a more spacious apartment. I assure you that I would not drop $1900 on a rig, $1691 on parts and $499 on gas for a measly 1440 mile road trip...

Sure, it's cramped. We hit our heads quite a bit (although the frequency has decreased drastically since the date of purchase back in September). We've truly learned to enjoy our twin-sized futon mattress bed (my apologies to Pete for all those nights I stab my knees into his back!). 

Magic happens here?
Our sitting area is actually quite comfortable- it functions as our office, dinette, entertainment center, breakfast nook, nap zone...whatever. We each have our own bench equipped with pillows and any of our individual crap we decide to be lazy about. 

Who doesn't love a mechanic's towel privacy curtain?
The bathroom scenario is anything but a problem- we just pee in front of each other (that's when you know it's true love!). And true true love is all about the 'number 2' chit-chat, which we've also mastered...

The tightest, most uncomfortable area of our Winnebago is the space between our kitchenette area and our closet. 

Tight squeeze...
Say, for instance, that Pete is cooking and I'm sitting on my bench blogging or something. If I want to blow my nose, I have to shimmy behind him, being careful not to push him into a hot stove or smear my back with the contents of our trash bag. Luckily, as a couple, I can use this opportunity to grab his butt and move on...

Next door, however, is an entirely different story.

For the past week, a group of nine sweaty, British BMX bikers have been camping (cramping?) in a rented Chateau motorhome. I know this is the sort of thing the English and Irish like to partake in when they visit the States (when I worked at Navy Pier, four of my Irish coworkers lived with 19 other Irish folks in a five bedroom apartment), but I can only imagine the offensive odors that have embedded themselves into the vehicle's interior since the start of their journey in Illinois.

Can you find all the BMX bikes??
With lack of romantic chemistry, how do these boys manage to navigate those inevitable squeezes? That motorhome is designed to comfortably house four adults and four children. Where are they all sleeping? It's gotta be three-to-a-bed over there. And they seem to always be trotting about in filth-ridden shorts or loosely-strewn towels. They don't seem to care about covering up for their neighbors (I was accidentally mooned yesterday), let alone each other. 

The whole situation reminds me of that scene from Now and Then when the girls catch the Wormers nakedly splashing about in a lake together. Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about:

Devon Sawa butt anyone?
I'll never quite get this sort of male camaraderie. But, I must say, it is rather adorable. I can only imagine the shenanigans Pete and his old Navy buddies used to get into. These smelly British bikers probably seem like a joke to them. I wonder if they've been trying to hook up with any girls and what that whole situation entails. What if every one of them wants to bring a chick home for the night; can you imagine!?

Anyways, the Brit's mobile man cave is ridiculous. I can tolerate quite a bit these days, but I can't fathom sharing such a small space with eight other dudes (wait, that last sentence makes me sound like I'm a dude...). You get the idea. 

I suppose those stinky Englishmen have given me a greater sense of appreciation for my own living situation (the space I occupy and the person I share it with). I am so wickedly happy in our little Lesharo. We've got all the space we need...and then some. In fact, we've actually discussed downgrading to a smaller, more inconspicuous cargo van (with a better engine, of course). Then we can park anywhere!  

When we are ready to sprawl, we want to spend our money on land: to build a farm, a bed and breakfast, a vineyard, a tree house...