Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Last night, about a dozen folks from the RV park gathered for a lovely BBQ. Being the oblivious assholes that we are, Pete and I had no idea that we were sitting next to a TV game show legend the entire night:

Chuck Woolery, the original host of Wheel of Fortune and also known for such gems as The Dating Game and Love Connection was planted next to me for a solid 2 1/2 hours. Sure, we chatted. And then I eavesdropped on his conversation about dating a 19 year old he met at the Playboy Mansion. But in reality, I was clueless.

It was only after he left that we were informed of his mild fame. And now I feel like such a jerk for not knowing. He even introduced himself as "Chuck Woolrey," like I was supposed to know. I blame my youth. 

Now, if Matthew McConaughey was still living here, you'd better believe I'd know what's up...