Chill Out

It's hotter than hell in Texas, but we can't tell now that we've got a kickin' new air conditioner! If you read the previous post, you'd know that: 1. Pete is a master of tools and 2. We decided to get a new AC unit. Two years my elder, our 26-year-old air conditioner was ready for retirement. 

We drove three hours to Houston to pick up our twice-as-powerful AC, saving us $125+ in shipping costs. The next day, our buddy Josh (of the infamous Molly & Josh), assisted Pete with the installation while Molly and I drank beers.

First, Pete had to take down the old guy, which was quite a bicep workout: 3 foot-long bolts hold the rather heavy lower unit in place. 

Showing off his ingenuity, Pete uses his head to keep the lower part from crashing down. (To be fair, I did offer to hold it up, but Pete politely implied that I probably wasn't strong enough...)

Next, without me even knowing about it, Pete climbed on the roof of the Winnie, crawling under a sagging, somewhat-stripped-of-insulation power line and removed the 100 pound upper unit. With his giant man-muscles, he carried it down from the roof and set it on the ground. He came back into the Winnebago, sweating and flustered. "I don't want to talk about it," he said, laughing. 

With good reason, Pete didn't tell me he was taking care of AC business by himself. I tend to stand around and freak out in such situations, which is generally annoying and unproductive. (I recall doing just that during all those piano moves back in Chicago). 

So anyways, it's out with the old and in with the new:

When Josh arrived, the men devised a plan of attack to get the bigger, heavier unit onto the roof without permanently damaging anyone or anything.

Pete stood on the roof and Josh, with his giant man-muscles, lifted the AC up the ladder by himself, handing it to Pete who positioned it in place.

After sawing out a little extra room for the slightly-larger AC unit, Pete shimmied it into the proper spot and sealed it up.

The lower unit and cover were put on from the inside and within no time, we were blowing cold air again! Another great benefit? It's white! (As opposed to the dull, sickly yellow we were rockin' before). 

Another successful Winnebago project! I feel spoiled staying so cool when other folks' AC units can't keep up in this wicked heat. But it really doesn't take much to keep a 120-square-foot box cold...