Kitty Cats and Shoeless Showers

All this week, I've been keeping my eye on a couple of lovely pussies. Kerry and Leslie, who unexpectedly needed to head to St. Louis, asked me to cat-sit for them, allowing me full access to their fabulous apartment. 

For me, this whole scenario could not have worked out better. Pete's been in Connecticut and Toronto all week, so I'm bored. The men's bathroom here at the RV park is getting re-tiled, thereby giving men access to the women's room, thereby giving me the creeps. And Kerry and Leslie's fridge has beer in it. 

Those who know me very well know that my former self despised cats. This all had to change when I was trying to get fresh with the boy downstairs, himself a proud pussy owner. The first few weeks of Pete and I's "relationship" was defined by sneezing and Benedryl highs. Sexy, I know.  

I soon grew to love Pete's cat, Whitey. We were buds. He would sleep on my feet in the winter time, keeping me warm in Pete's unheated basement apartment. We would play every morning while Pete got ready for work. He provided excellent companionship throughout those dreary grad school days. 

And then Whitey started pissing all over Pete's stuff, so we sent him back to Michigan where he's been living outside ever since. Cruel? Dude, you should see this cat outside. Liberated. 

So, there you have it. I'm slightly OK with cats now, which is why it has been such a pleasure hanging out with Kerry and Leslie's feline friends. 

Totally disinterested in me.
But truly, the best part of this whole ordeal was the opportunity for a "real" shower. My last "real" shower took place on Christmas Eve. I suppose I've been taking "real" showers all this time, what with the water that pours out of a shower head and all. But it's just not the same when you have to avoid moldy shower curtains and crusty tiles covered in other people's hair. And then there's the whole multiple people showering at the same time thing. And somebody might be taking a dump while your sudsing up. And all sorts of other woes that present themselves in community bathroom settings. 

So Kerry and Leslie's bathroom, although littered with the smell of their cats' litter box, was a welcome change for the week. I had the whole place to myself. And I didn't even have to wear shower shoes!

Check ya later, flip flops.