Canoes, Margaritas and Sushi. Oh My!

Alright, alright...I'm past due on an update. Forgive me for spending all my time with dude instead of dilly daddling on my computer all week. Pete's actually in Denver/Boulder for the day, so I've got some serious alone-time with my laptop. That last sentence makes it sound like I'm going to be watching porn all day...


It was a long 13 days apart. I had just started getting used to navigating the Winnebago by myself- basically, throwing all my clothes on Pete's bench seat every night. Rest assured, however. I cleaned the place up for his arrival.

Pete returned home from New York City on Friday night (err...Saturday morning) around 12:45am. And what a lovely reunion it was! I'll spare you all the "lovey dovey" details and just move on to Saturday.

We started our morning with a bottle of champagne shared with our good friends, Molly and Josh. Molly and I have known each other since our freshmen year of college and were roommates for our junior and senior years. We're quite close. Looking at our "friendship" on Facebook, we have 182 tagged photos together. I feel the picture below is the best representation of our relationship:

Halloween, 2006
Molly and Josh, along with their two fabulous pitbulls, moved to Austin from Cleveland about a month ago. Much hanging out has ensued.  

After lushing out at 10:30am, we headed over to the Zilker Park Boat Rental to get our canoe on. Because we hit the lake before noon, we got an extra hour free on the water. Not too shabby. 

It was a delightful morning for a canoe trip. Not too hot. Not too sunny. Breezy and beautiful. 

And THEN Pete and I decided to jump off a bridge. 

A little background: Pete and I used to spend many lazy Austin afternoons sitting on the Lamar pedestrian bridge watching runners, bikers, babies and dogs pass us by. And occasionally, in the distance, we'd see folks jumping off the arches of the Lamar automobile bridge. We kept saying, "We're going to do that one day."

Well, the whole idea kind of slipped from my memory when we decided to take our canoes on the "scenic" route, which was in the opposite direction of the bridge. With an hour left of our rental, it was time to start heading back towards the rental site. Surely we won't have enough time to make it to the bridge, jump, and row back...

Who knew my complaint for needing to urinate would lead to this. The plan was to go somewhere to get in the water and pee. Well, why not jump and then pee? We paddled our asses off, making it to the bridge in no time. Pete and I pull our canoe onto the cement and disrobe to our bathing suits. I'm...uh...terrified.

*In coincidental news: On the radio right now is Nerf Herder's Van Halen. The last line is, of course, "Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. Might as well jump." Moving on...

Bicep-laden Pete easily hoists himself up the six-foot ledge to the bottom of the arch: 

I have a bit more trouble. Molly gives me a boost from the bottom while Pete pulls me from the top, my body dragging and scraping along the wall in the process. 

That was the hard part. From there, all we had to do was shimmy around some columns to get to the peak. 

We get to the edge, I look down, and my heart is pounding. Can I just go back? But truthfully, jumping is probably the easiest way down at this point. 

One. Two. THREE!

WOWZA! Pete tells me the water is freezing, but I have no idea. Too much adrenalin...

Not knowing the temperature of the water, I hang out in it for a minute to "relieve myself." We get out, shake off, and what do we decide? "Let's do that shit again!"

Back up the wall. Around the pillars and to the top. 

This time, we see a party boat full of drunk college kids coming our way. "Oh, this is gonna be sweet!" We wait for the party boat to approach. We pump them up a bit and they start cheering us on. Another countdown, and we're off!

Very thrilling, to say the least. I think Pete and I have some fans now!

We get back in our boats and bust a move back to the rental place. No way are we going to pay for an extra hour for being 10 minutes late. 

Pete and I are loopy as we paddle. But, hey, check out the bridge behind Pete:

Conquered that shit.
Luckily, we get there in time and it's on to the next adventure: The Purple Rita. 

I was craving a margarita after our plunge into the frigid lake. We were all a bit hungry too. So we hit up Baby Acapulco's (not our first choice) for a super quick lunch and a couple margaritas. I, rather smartly, ordered a regular margarita. Pete, on the other hand, wanted to try out their famous Purple Margarita which, by the looks, smell and taste of it, is a drink comprised of Everclear and "purple." 

There is a limit of two for those guys and for good reason. Pete and I shared the two he ordered, which made me feel extra loopy. Pumped-up adrenalin and everclear is probably a dangerous combination.  

We parted ways with Molly and Josh and hit the showers. Being drunk and high on adrenalin in a community shower is an interesting experience. That's all I'll say about that...

I get back to the Winnebago and Pete's napping. What else to do but join him!? Of course, neither of us set an alarm to wake up in time for the sushi happy hour we'd been planning on. I wanted to be at Uchi, one of the hottest sushi spots in town, by 5pm. We wake up at 5:30 and I, feeling hungover, call it a loss. But Pete, knowing this is my 'special birthday dinner' feels otherwise. Happy hour is over at 6:30. We can make it. We throw some 'fancy' clothes on and truck it over to the restaurant. 

And whattayaknow? While a crap ton of people are waiting around for a table, there are two wonderful spots available at the bar just for us. We get to watch our own sushi chef prepare our tastings right in front of us. And we still made it in time for the Sake Social Hour menu, which is really the best deal- you can try smaller portions of a number of different items for a third of the price. 

Maybe he should have brushed his hair...

We each have sake and share six or seven beautiful and incredibly tasty dishes. Seriously, the best food I've ever eaten. Uchi is a magical place. We felt extremely welcomed (they gave us a free piece of foie gras for being first-timers) and they totally made me feel special for my birthday (they also gave us a free lemon sorbet!). 

Foie Gras
Lemon sorbet
Pete and I don't often venture out to eat. We have fairly strict ways of doing meals (lots of cold, leftover pasta) so that we stay on a budget. But we'd definitely splurge here again. Uchi creates dishes that we'd never be able to replicate- their fish is flown in daily from Japan. The service was superb and I had a super hot date. What more could a girl ask for!?