Put On Your Big Boy Pants!

As you may have surmised from a recent entry, Pete landed a job with Google. It's contractual. Six months. Lots of travel. And crap loads of overtime. The plan is to make a bunch of money (I still work seven days a week), and then it's on to the next adventure. Hawaii? Italy? Only time will tell. 

Pete's been playing around at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA for the past week. The Googleplex is a hodgepodge of toys, gadgets and tasty treats for employees to explore, play with and work around. An inspiring way to work, to say the least. Google encourages creativity, playfulness and physical activity. Just today, I was listening to an NPR story about how people with more sedentary lifestyles (who sit for the majority of their day- at work and in front of the TV) are more likely to die from heart disease. Well Pete's on his feet all day at Google; I bike to work, bartend on the weekends and chase five year olds around during the week; and we don't own a TV. I hope we're in the clear...

Anyways, Google seems like quite the magical place. Here's an account from the Google man himself:

Google-rific! I have been dining at a new five-star cafe every day on the Google campus. One day, we had rack of lamb. The place is amazing! Every workspace has dogs, games, the most amazing sleep pod chairs, massage parlors, meditation rooms, kitchens, ball play pens, indoor swings, wet bars, and there is more to be discovered.
The bathroom toilets have heated seats, front and rear bidet and an undercarriage dryer. I have never been so fresh. Today, I found a bowling alley and yesterday Tina Fey came to entertain Google-ers. Everyday I get around the campus on a Google bike, which Google scatters all over the campus for anyone to grab and leave at any Google building. They are the most goofy sight, but watching a gaggle of Google-ers riding circus bikes to get around is pure entertainment. It's truly kiddie-land for adults, making work not seem like work anymore. 

So yea, Pete is definitely enjoying himself at the Googleplex. He's eating like a king, sleeping in a real bed and networking like a mo-fo. He was also able to take a day trip to San Fransisco this past Saturday:

Where's the Rice-A-Roni?
I wish I could tell you more, but whatever he's doing over there is top secret. I haven't a clue what the heck he's up to. Gadgets are involved, I believe.

Of course, there's always a downside. Back in February, I discussed how heartbreaking it was when Pete left for four days to retrieve his car from Michigan. At the time, that was the longest we'd ever been apart. This is quite a change from our usual, 'we-do-everything-together' lifestyle. I won't get into the extent of how much we miss each other, but it's like, a lot. 

He's off to New York tomorrow morning where he'll be working his tush off whilst wearing the latest fashions from Ross. Then it's back to Austin on Friday, where he and I will partake in a fabulous reunion! I took the weekend off from work (it's my birthday weekend!), so we plan on lunch dates and dinner dates and canoeing and hand holding and other stuff too...

And then, he'll get back on a plane for god-knows-where and we'll do it all again.