Long Time, No Talk

I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath for the latest Pete&Kara news. Forgive us for being busy. Exciting new opportunities await us!

In the interest of brevity, detailed accounts of the last couple weeks will be minimal. In fact, I'll list anything I regard as important here:


Upright pianos represent a sore spot in Pete and I's relationship. To make a long story short, my roommate and I basically forced Pete (before we were dating) to move a heavy-ass piano into our apartment after acquiring said piano from our next-door neighbors. The problem: Pete thought he'd be given the piano. How this piano would have fit down the narrow staircase to his basement apartment is beyond me. 

Then, when I moved into my parent's South Loop condo last summer, the piano came with. A much less painful move, but trying nonetheless. And it was awesome. My sister and I were the only people living on the 20th floor (and no one lived on 19 or 21), so rocking out on the piano was of no consequence. I started learning to play sweet tunes such as "Jingle Bells" and "Bears Marching Through the Forest". It was great.

THEN, my mom made me get rid of the piano because it needed to be replaced with a much less useful TV stand. Sold the thing on craigslist and, huzzah, $200! 

Sooo, when Pete and I started seeing upright pianos popping up all around Austin, I got nervous that our deep-seeded argument would again be uprooted. 

Instead, we had a seat and jammed, rather poorly, for all of Austin to hear. The pianos, which I originally thought to be a commemoration for the late Pinetop Perkins, are actually part of a traveling interactive art exhibit

There are 17 pianos on exhibit throughout the city, which folks are encouraged to interact and engage with: paint, play, decorate, tag. I tried my hand at the keys, but my memory for "Jingle Bells" had unfortunately faded... 


I receive approximately seven bug bites a day. Mosquitoes, spiders, ants, fleas. Anything and everything with mandibles. They love me. And of course, Pete has yet to be bitten once. 

My feet are particularly susceptible. I woke up the other night in a state of disarray, frantically rubbing the insides of my feet together. Five bug bites on my feet alone. Itchy.

And then there's the back of my neck. I got bit six days ago and that sucker is still swollen. I was worried about it's hickey-like appearance and what my kids at school might say. Pete said it looked like a penis. Either way, I lose. 


94 degrees was our breaking point. We finally turned on our AC. We turned it off right before bed and haven't slept so soundly in a long time. 


I went for my second manual transmission driving lesson this week. My first was four months ago back in Attica, Michigan; population- 4,600. This time around, Pete brought me to the freakin' mall where approximately 4,600 people were spending their Tuesday evening shopping for perfume and cowboy boots. 

After a quick pee, Pete made me back out of the parking spot and drive to the empty parking lot on the outskirts of the mall. Ok, I made it. But my adrenalin is pumping so hard that I can't get my left foot to quit shaking. How am I supposed to adequately feather the clutch with all this trembling!? 

I eventually chill out and continue with the lesson. With all the circling around light polls and rolling back and forth, it's no wonder the mall cop approaches us. "We're fine, sir. Just a little driving lesson." No shady drug deal here.

Overall, I felt fine in the car. A few stalls, but no grinding gears. And this time, I didn't cry. Not once. 


Alrighty, folks. Brace yourselves: Pete got a job! And not just any job; a super duper big deal job for a 'really really big deal company'. We're excited...times a googleplex! 

The last few weeks have been hectic with interviews, job fairs and neck ties. Oh, and beard removal. Goodbye old friend:

Hellllooo Mr. Hire-able:

Here's how it went down. Last Monday, Pete interviewed with a diesel generation company here in Austin. He was confident with his chances, but not 100% so. After the interview, he immediately went to Wal-Mart to fill up our water jugs. There, he received a phone call from a military recruiting agency regarding a job for the 'really really big deal company'. He had an on-the-spot interview, in the aisle of Wal-Mart, and is told to attend the corresponding job fair in San Antonio on Thursday morning for a face-to-face interview.

The next day, Tuesday, Pete gets a call from the diesel generation company, offering him the job. He says that he has another offer on the table and will call them on Thursday afternoon with his final decision. No problem. 

Pete learns more about the 'really really big deal company' job. Six month contract job with quite a bit of travel. And more money. Lots of questions to discuss: Do we want to stay in Austin? Can we handle being apart during his travel? What if I have to drive the stick shift!?!? 

Pete goes to the interview and nails it. But by Thursday afternoon, he still hadn't received a call from the recruiter. Did he get the job!? Pete needed to call the diesel generation company and give them an answer. 

Well, it's approaching 4:30pm, and Pete, not wanting to be without ANY job (again) calls the diesel generation company. With every intention of accepting the offer, he reaches their answering machine. He tells them he'll call them back. Nothing else said.

And then what do ya know? Pete gets a call from the 'really really big deal company' recruiter with positive news. Well, that answers that. What timing...