Trailer Trash? Country Gold!

Pete and I avoided the rest of the SXSW hubbub for the remainder of the festival. Instead, on Sunday, we ventured to see our kick-ass neighbor perform at Cheapo's Record Store. 

Upon arrival, we caught the drunk (were they British?) country geezers (and they were great):

Moving on...

Until recently referred to as the 'cat lady' (often seen walking her orange cat on a leash), Teri Joyce is quite the fixture in Austin's roots/rockabill/country scene. Her personal SXSW tour consisted of nine shows in six days. And soon she'll be taking off to Sweden to show 'em the country gold. 

Her debut album, Kitchen Radio, is a fierce collection of honky tonk. Here's a quick clip of the title track during her performance at Cheapos:

Singing back-up vocals is Li'l Mo, from New York City. She opened Teri's set, sharing the same band, the Monicats. 

Li'l Mo and the Monicats
Reverse! Li'l Mo with Teri on back-up vocals:

Overall, we had a lovely time at Cheapos. They even had free beer! (whatta ya know!?). Teri Joyce and Li'l Mo are superb women; some of the nicest around. We'll definitely be going out to see them again in the future. 

The downfall of Cheapos: their bathroom. Pete and I had every intention of saying goodbye to the wonderful performers, but after stepping over poop turds on the floor, we were ready to fly...