SXSW for Scavengers, Part 2

The hunt for free shit continued as the beginning of the South by music festival kicked off on Wednesday.


An extremely eventful, successful, and booze-filled day. We (Pete and I, along with our neighbors, Pete and Sue) started on South Congress in search of "Free Chili. Free Beer." First, we caught the creepy children fiddlers:

There are a few awkward things going on here. One: The total lack of emotion or enthusiasm from the children. Are we already that affected? Two: Babies dressing like grown-ups. Three: Camera man's power squat. He held that position for the entirety of two songs.

Ok, so we fled the Children of the Corn scene and made our way to Yard Dog, a folk art gallery whose back ally was transformed into an unofficial music venue for the 8th annual Florida Bandango. Presented by BAAMO (Bay Area Arts and Music Organization), the event featured musicians from the Tampa Bay region, free Sam Adams beer, free cigars and free Alligator Chili. Bomb. 

Pete and I loaded up on numerous Sam Adam's beers and caught the rockin' tunes of Poetry n' Lotion and Have Gun, Will Travel. Super fun. 

Four beers down and feeling fiiiine
In the following video, you'll see a girl with a floral back tattoo. She totally got a huge booger wiped on her by a snotty kid. Pete witnessed it. And the girl witnessed Pete witnessing it. It was awkward...

In retrospect, we should have just stayed here for the rest of the day. The good beer was flowing; the music was jamming and the pretentious music snobs were kept to a minimum. But alas, we fled to catch a new scene and a new drink deal. 

On the way:

Yee haw!
Waiting for the bus was an opportune time to people-watch and listen to the music across the street. And here, we have Pete & Pete:

Next, we headed downtown to the Sony Q It Up Lounge (promoting the crap out of their new Qriocity online music player). I drank approximately 12 mimosas in there. It was like a black hole of free drunk. 

We stuck around for Surprise Me Mr. Davis: chill, fun and they could harmonize. I'm a sucker for a quality, four-part male harmony. You know how I know you're gay?

This guy seemed to be on our page, wearing only free memorabilia he picked up around SXSW:

From there, we dragged our drunk asses over to the Pepsi Max stage where the blonde, bikini-clad drummer chick from Hank and Cupcakes was tearing it up

Drunk vision
Pete and I, thirsty for more, snagged two beers each upon entering. Check out the Petes and their sweet Pepsi Max @ SXSW hats! 

As it turns out, our eyes were much larger than our drunk guts. We ended up tossing most of our beer. Eek. I hate waste, but it was truly for everyone's benefit. We were feeling plenty groovy:

Pete and Sue were smart and filled up on water:

Pete and Sue
Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the whole show. Why?? HALF PRICED BURGERS! We scurried over to Hut's Hamburgers on 6th to snag some cheap food before the deal was over. Never has anything tasted so wonderful.

Mmm. The Ally-Oop: Swiss cheese, grilled onions and 1000 island on grain bread. We were definitely some satisfied customers. 

Drunk vision

I don't even remember going home after this...