Holy Whole Foods!

Despite our general disinterest in the Whole Foods marketing scheme lifestyle, Pete and I like to venture there about once a week to indulge in the myriad samples offered at the flagship store: fruit, crab cake, caviar, wine, champagne, beer, cake, bread, salsa, pita chips, dog food (seriously), buffalo chicken, etc. 

We usually go on Saturday to people-watch and recycle, but this week our trip fell on a Sunday. (Saturday, instead, was spent at Walmart, because we're assholes...).

We make our usual rounds, giving our most time and attention to the wine sommelier (bearded hipster know-it-all) and his 8 or 9 wine/champagne bottles to sample. After a little boozing, we grab a loaf of rosemary ciabatta bread to munch on during our people-watching activities. This is a regular activity for us. See:

Well, what do you know: Upon exiting the store, we bump into an old Chicago pal, Katherine. You see, Katherine and I have history. She and I met back in 2005ish. We were sophomores at DePaul, both living at the University Center in downtown Chicago. She was a resident advisor. I, a lowly resident. We did significant amounts of hanging out and being stupid:

Kara, Katherine and good bud Andrea. It was a 90's party, hence the makeup.
New Year's 2007. Madeline, Kara and Katherine, heavily imbibing. 
We continued to see each other throughout our time at DePaul but it wasn't until after we graduated that she moved in with me for a few months (before taking off to Boston). She knew Pete before we were an item. She sang opera in the living room. She saw the (now defunct) tire swing that Pete constructed at it's greatest:

R.I.P. tire swing. Killed by a thunderstorm.
So we run into Katherine at Whole Foods; she's is in town for her brother's wedding (on a Monday!). We're chit chatting; she's introducing me to her family and then all of a sudden: Leslie! You remember Leslie, yes? Kerry's lovely wife. We're basically best friends. 

But anyway, it was like a Whole Foods trifecta of awesome. Warm hugs and cheery conversation to boot. What if Pete and I had used a different exit? What if we didn't stop for 9 samples of wine? What if we decided to pee? It appears the cosmos is working just fine. 

Katherine and I decide to grab some coffee/tea this morning to catch up and it was wonderful! I miss old friends.

Perhaps this is the first normal picture of us. 
Living in a Winnebago (and drinking beer, which I'm currently doing), has changed my perspective on how I view the past. For a while, I wanted to dismiss it entirely: I wasn't interested in reliving awkward high school fashion choices or embarrassing, drunken attempts at talking to boys in college. But in retrospect, it's freakin' hilarious. And I suppose I wouldn't change a thing. I probably wouldn't have fallen for that shady basement dweller, otherwise...