Austin, TX: snOMG!

Can someone kindly remind me why we moved to Texas again? Don't people call this snowbirding you know, since you don't have to shovel sunshine!? Where did the sunshine go? And where's the warmth? And what's all this white stuff on the ground??

I know, I know. Chicago got blasted this week with a colossal dumping of snow. And after living there for five years, we should be used to it. No big deal. But I didn't sign up for the coldest Texas in 20 years. Not in a poorly insulated Winnebago. 

The other night, when we were rocking a 5 degree windchill, none other than Russ (dude we met in line at the wild Monotonix show last weekend), came knocking on our door, enticing us to go out. Our only means of transportation, our bikes, would have to suffice. I never thought I would have to pedal hard to go downhill. This wind was worse than anything we had ever experienced in Chicago. Once we got home (angry and bitter at Austin), we snuggled up, got warm with our heater, and slept like babies.

Until 4am, when the power shut off in Austin and we no longer had heat. It doesn't take long for all the warm air to escape the numerous crack and crevices in our Winnebago. On top of that, we don't have a generator. So no power means no power. At all. Needless to say, we were uncomfortable. And slightly pissed.

Layered up!
We didn't have power again until 10am, when Austin Energy put residents through rolling blackouts. 10 minutes on. 20 minutes off. 10 minutes with heat. 20 minutes without heat. And so on. Just miserable. 

Icy window.
And then of course, Pete got sick. Living in the confines of only 120 square feet, we're bound to share just about everything. Sorry Pete!

Icky boy.
The snow came last night. A whole inch of it. And oh how crippling that inch is in Texas. No school. The City of Austin is shut down. Sunday bus schedule. No rail service. 

At least I've got a three day weekend. Which would be far more enjoyable if 1.) I never sold my warm boots at our yard sale in Chicago and 2.) Our heater didn't just start smoking.

Well, it was the heater at first. But Mr. Fix It Pete opened it up and scraped all the debris out of it (why doesn't this thing have a filter??):

We plugged back in. Heater works! No problem. But wait, what's that burning smell? Oh dear Lord, the AC breaker panel is smoking now! Turn it off!! 

The irony here: a few days ago we returned a smoke detector we purchased back in Michigan so we could have 30 extra bucks. We assumed we would never need it because obviously we would know if there was some sort of fire/burning in the Winnebago. That is, if both people living in said Winnebago aren't sick and can't smell...