Yum Yums and Sunshine

In foodie news, Pete and I continue to enjoy lovely home-cooked meals in the Lesharo. During the week, I come home to my man slaving away in the kitchen making dinner. How did I get so lucky? Pete's the best cook I know. Always something creative, tasty and super inexpensive on the table. And to spare ourselves from the hassle of numerous dirty dishes, we get real romantic with it:

Two spoons in the pot.
What a way to dine. Pete has become a master with our new electric burners. Lately, he's been cooking lots of rice dishes and they have all been superb. Shrimp jambalaya. Rice, bean and ground turkey tacos. Dirty rice with boudin sausage. Mexican-style rice with shrimp. Yum! I gotta tell you, I do not miss having a microwave for one second. Now an oven. That would be nice

So this past week has been chock full of beautiful days and we've been trying to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine at all possible moments. Mostly, we just go for walks before I head off to work. 

The sun is in my eyes.
We pack ourselves a little lunch (turkey sandwiches, go figure) and head to the pedestrian bridge to people watch. 

Turkey sammich. Yum.
I love a tank top in January. I even got slightly sunburned! (This is generally not something I rejoice about, but it's January, so I'll take it). I've been hearing all the buzz about the horrendous snow in the mid-Atlantic and -30 degree wind chills in Chicago. Yea, we definitely don't miss that. Ask me about it again when I'm sweating my ass off in a stuffy Winnebago in 115 degree July...

Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous as well. A little less sunny but totally refreshing to be outside. We biked over to Barton Springs to people/dog watch. We checked out a man who looks a bit like Jesus (it wasn't Pete) meditate at the water's edge as a small, poorly supervised boy was causing a ruckus in a no swimming zone all around him. 

Pete looking concerned for the child's safety. 
Later, we ate sandwiches, apples and cookies by the lake. 

And there was this woman, below us, who was posing her dog on the rock edge for a photo op.

Dog people are very strange here. They're like an infectious disease; half of whom don't scoop there poop. Pete and I poop in bags and that works out just fine...