Wanted: Stickers

Have you heard? Out of pure laziness and general disinterest, we've decided not to paint the interior of our Lesharo. It's just not worth it. No amount of paint can conceal the ghetto-factor of our home. Especially when we're parked across from half-million dollar Monaco Coaches

Instead, we've opted for stickers, and lots of 'em. Our neighbor (who is no longer our neighbor, rather mysteriously), William, started us off with a sweet collection of stickers he picked up in Salt Lake City at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. 

Just a few, here and there.
But it's not even close to being finished. We're looking to completely cover the interior of this thing. So if you've got any stickers you'd like to contribute, feel free to send them our way:

Pete & Kara
1108 Lavaca St.
Ste. 110-179
Austin, TX 78701

And oh, sure, we're probably drastically reducing the resale value of the Winnebago by flooding it with propaganda and punk rock. But who cares? You can't go much lower than a $1900 mini Winnie with a misfiring engine that crawls uphill and won't run in the rain. Might as well get wacky with it. At least we don't have a mortgage. Or debt. Or a bathroom to clean...