Wait, it's 2011?

Happy New Year! We weren't really paying much attention- we were in bed by 8pm on December 31. Pete was feeling icky. I was pretty tired, too.

And you know what? I could care less. I've been hosting fabulous New Year's parties for years now, each one resplendent with cheer, lovely friends and a shit-ton of booze...

Oh, did I forget to mention the vomit? For 4 years now, January 1st was usually spent scrubbing vomit from porches, steps, rugs and even heating vents (our spatula never knew what it had coming...). Last year, my friend Susanna and I thought we were in the clear. "No vomit this year!" we cheered. Then January 2nd came. "Wait, what's that smell?" Yep, someone had puked...down the stairs to Pete's apartment. It was imperative that we cleaned this up really well, for my future with dude probably depended on it. We had to boil water to reconstitute the dry, frozen puke and then did our best to remove the evidence with old kitchen towels. Those stairs continued to smell for over a month...

So ringing in 2011 at home was a welcome change. We mostly slept. We did wake up to the never-ending fireworks as they rattled and shook our Winnebago. Then we slept some more. I had set an alarm for 11:55pm, so we woke up again, counted down, had a New Year's kiss, then went back to bed, listening to the crowds of drunks and live music at the restaurant next door.  

In the morning, we woke up without a hangover and it was wonderful. Our next door neighbor, William, invited us to a pot-luck style breakfast under his awning that was truly delightful. 

Pete and I made two kinds of tasty quesadillas-
1. Savory: colby-jack cheese, onion, jalapeño, tomato
2. Sweet: wild blueberry goat cheese, diced apples and pears, crunchy nutty granola

William made a delicious spinach, egg and cheese quiche (in his oven! Oh, how I wish we had an oven sometimes...). Cinnamon buns and fresh fruit were also on the menu. I thought about taking a picture of the spread, but I was too busy eating...

Pete and I drank mimosas with the champagne that we failed to drink on New Years Eve. We chatted about nearby Austin hot spots (we live on Restaurant Row!), Kambucha tea and the unfortunate abundance of spiders and scorpions that plague Texas in the summer. Our wacky little neighborhood is perfect. I'm just so thankful that we landed where we did. So friendly, so cool, so weird. Keep Austin Weird, that's the motto here, for good reason. As we were packing up breakfast, we admired two young guys walk by in their underwear. It was not that warm. 

After breakfast, Pete and I napped off our food comas, then got our bikes ready to head to Whole Foods (which is headquartered here in Austin). The store on Lamar and 5th is certainly not your average Whole Foods store:

It is the mecca of Whole Foods: 80,000 square feet, 7 restaurants and right now, an ice skating rink on the roof. We were excited, picturing a magnificent, professional rink on the top floor, packed with anxious Austinites waiting to hit the ice...


Very anti-climatic. A small rink on the second floor, about the size of an average living room, it was basically a novelty to small Austin children who don't often see outdoor ice rinks. The ice was nowhere near smooth and you would probably get dizzy within 10 minutes. Nothing to really write home about. We saved our $20 and instead enjoyed the excellent people watching opportunities around the rink.  

Watchin' crazies / Being crazy
We're not suckers for the Whole Foods marketing scheme, so we were a little bummed about shopping there for dinner. We knew we could buy everything for cheaper at H.E.B, but the terrifying bike ride there wasn't worth it at the time. So we shopped organic. (Well, we shopped for things that were labeled organic, which doesn't really say much anymore. Sorry if Oprah has told you differently...)

Despite the silly hub bub, shopping in this Whole Foods, like most, is quite an experience. Mmm, chocolate...

Texas-themed chocolates!
Admiring the ludicrous prices is fun, too. $25 for a thong. What? No thanks. I get my dental floss for free from the dentist...

The beer section is pretty good, which is generally where we like to splurge. The seafood looked...bleh. $50 for a a pound of lobster tail that YOU have to cook yourself. Excuse me? The mushroom section is plentiful and mouth-watering. And the bread! Oh, I love bread! 

When we become millionaires, we'll shop at Whole Foods regularly. But until then, we'll save our money and only buy special treats there from time to time.

We paid for our groceries, hit up our bikes, and rode back home for dinner. On the menu last night: (organic) pumpkin and salsa soup with fresh, seeded French bread. 

Oh man, this is gonna be good...
Drinking leftover NYE beer.
Wow, delicious. Truly our best meal to date! It's a perfect meal for a Winnebago. Very simple to make; easy clean up; extremely healthy. I can't wait to eat some leftovers in a little while. It's quite cold today (and was freeeezing last night, holy crap!), so hopefully some more warm soup will do the trick!