Freakan' Pecan Pie!

Well, folks. The time has come. Pie time. And oh, was it worth the wait and work. Approximately 9.5 hours went into the making of this pie. Feast your eyes:

Oh my, Pie!
Thanks to Williams for graciously taking the 2.5 hours out of his day to make such a delightfully sweet pie:

Take one
That's better, Vanna White
A mostly organic pie, save the Karo syrup, this pie was hand crafted using local pecans picked from William's own backyard. To the average consumer, this pie would certainly be a most appetizing treat. But after watching Pete crack nuts for 7+ hours, this pie reached a level of biblical proportions. It's beyond the realm of baked goods. It's MAGICAL!

Thumbs up!
Insert joke about Pete eating William's nuts here.
So yea, the pie was good. We first ate it for dessert last night after we made a taco pizza. Then we had some for breakfast. And we're gonna eat some for lunch and dinner tonight, too. What better way to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than with a pecan pie, his favorite food. I shit you not

Other than tedious pie-making, Pete and I have enjoyed feeding birds outside our back window. We brought a big bag of old almonds and sunflower seeds in the Lesharo with the intention of eating them ourselves. Come to find out, they taste like garbage. To the birds!

Laying seed
Can you see our friends?
Then this bully comes along and scares the little guys off
And sometimes the squirrel shows up and pisses on all the seed.
Wow, I feel like this blog is turning into some nerdy bird watching chronicle. But after three days of downpours, we were reluctant to leave our Winnebago, and thus, found ways to entertain ourselves from within. Thanks, birds! (Note: It's beautiful and sunny today and we're still inside).

As for work, I was kept fairly busy during my first week. Overall, I like my job. But in general, I like not working more than I like working. Surprised? And Pete: he's been rocking out job applications on the regular. Hopefully he'll strike gold soon. He's far more talented than I. 

We also celebrated William's (35th?, 47th?, 29th?) birthday on Thursday night at El Chile, a restaurant down the street. Very tasty Mexican cuisine. We topped it off with an Oh my freakin' God chocolate cake delicately prepared by Sam's Club. Happy Birthday William!

Have a wonderful MLK day, everyone! Honor this magnificent leader. Eat a Pecan Pie! And you should probably volunteer, too.