Feast of the Epiphany

Hello folks! Long time no chat. I suppose we've been busy? Well, if you consider endless hours searching for jobs on craigslist busy, then yes, very busy indeed.

Speaking of which, I got a job! Huzzah. Nailed it on the first interview. Not bad, eh? I won't tell you much about it because I'm not trying to pull a Stanley McChrystal. But just know that I'll be working in my favorite field (After School!) and I'll hopefully be promoted within a week of starting. My first day is Monday. Yikes! I don't have any clothes to wear! And where's my birth certificate?? And I need to get CPR certified! And wait, how the heck am I gonna get there?

So as it turns out, Austin is far less bike friendly than we anticipated. Sure, it's a super fit city and there are plenty of cool trails geared towards mountain bikes and a few road bike lanes here and there. But overall, commuting by bike is pretty much out. Guess we should have brought Pete's car after all...

Anyways, right now Pete's off to San Antonio to help one of our Pecan Grove buddies, Greg (also a manager here), get a big piece of furniture. Sounds like fun. I assume they'll hit up some delicious barbecue on the way back. Jealous? No! I got leftovers!

Last night, our next door neighbor, William (who is also going to San Antonio right now) planned and executed an AMAZING dinner for a few folks from the RV park. William and Greg were in charge of the meat: fall-off-the-bone ribs (foodgasmic!) and tasty chicken. William also made some spicy baked beans that were rockin. Pete and I grilled up veggie skewers and potatoes. Greg's wife, Judy (whom I adore) made a lovely broccoli salad. William's friend, Deb made a really nice leafy salad. Garth, our other next door neighbor (a retired Canadian mailman who's last name is Mailman!) brought angel food cake with fruit and whipped cream. Also in attendance were David, from the UK, and his fabulous gal pal (girlfriend?) Candace.

Prepping skewers
Getting the grill HOT
The dinner table, complete with candle light
I won't bore you with every hilarious "you had to be there" joke and conversation, but overall, what a truly delightful experience. Residents here are just genuinely good people. And they don't have a negative word to say about Ausitn. And oh man, that David. Pete and I thought we had a lot of wacky hardships. Try getting your 36 foot coach stuck in 3 feet of snow for days, running out money because you spent it all on Chinese food, using up all your pre-paid cell phone minutes, and then having to find a way to pay the gas attendant for $130 of diesel fuel. Dude is a riot. He travels all over the place- he's about to leave for California next Friday. William may even go with him, which will definitely be sad because he a fountain of advice for us: about this lifestyle, about making money, about finding the best places to eat, about keeping an eye open for the hottest people when you're at Whole Foods, about where Sandra Bullock hangs out...

Other than that, we've been maintaining a fairly normal lifestyle. We eat breakfast, browse the internet, walk around in 70 degree temperature, buy groceries, make awesome dinner, watch movies, and go to bed. Our table in the back has become 33.3 (repeating) % office, 33.3% dining room and 33.3% movie theater.

Computers, salads and booze. Nothing better.
This lifestyle certainly forces you to stay tidy. Not one for hoarders or the scuzzy. Everything we do has a system: washing dishes, getting dressed, stowing stuff when we drive, taking a shower. It's like a well-oiled machine.

Speaking of well-oiled machines, we had a mechanic come out yesterday to take a look at the Lesharo. John's a Lesharo genius! He knows everything. He told us, somewhat embarrassingly/hilariously that one of our cylinders has been misfiring. So here we are, thinking we're chugging along with a weak 4-cylinder when in actuality, we're only using three. No wonder it's so terrifying climbing hills (seriously, it feels like you're moving backwards); we've only been rocking like 50 horsepower.

He also fixed a gas leak we were having. Well, that solves all my headache problems when we take her out to drive. Probably not the safest way to drive 1400 miles... And we surely spent a bit more money on gas then we should have. Oh well. Still alive and kicking over here. So is Marty McFly! (I bet you forgot we had named this thing, huh?)

We look forward to dumping more and more of our money into the Winnebago. At least we know we're in good hands with our new mechanic, John. He drives a little car with a Renault Diesel engine meant for Winnebago's. He goes around the country, towing cars in need of repair to his house/shop. This guys doing it. He also suggested a bunch of stuff that Pete should do himself in order to save money. It appears that he won't try to screw us, but we'll just have to see for ourselves when we get our quote...  

I think that's about it for now. Here's a picture of Pete playing with his new nerf gun. Thank you to my wonderful cousins, Nick and Joe, for such a perfect present! (Well, perfect for Pete. I generally get shot in the butt or face with it)...

He's coming after YOU!