Well, the hysteria was not unwarranted. The dreaded Arctic Chill has arrived and it's bone chilling. But not to worry folks; Pete and I bought a space heater! About 3 weeks too late, but hey, we're warm now! Hot, even. 

Bike riding yesterday, however, was anything but warm. Holy crap. I had to bike downtown in the morning to catch a bus to North Austin, only to get on my bike again towards my new boss' office. (Luckily I don't actually work up there; I just had orientation). I was severely under-dressed. No socks or gloves; and just my lightweight orange jacket. Cold, to say the least. It was misting, too, and my glasses unfortunately don't have windshield wipers. Orientation was fine. Nothing I haven't heard before.

When it was over, I had to figure out where the heck the southbound bus stop is. I wait 20 minutes in the cold until it comes. Not realizing that it doesn't go all the way downtown, the bus driver kindly informs me that I'm an idiot and that I should get off if I didn't want to go back in the same direction I just came. I get my bike and get my ass on another bus. The clock is ticking because I have to be at the South Austin school I now work at by 3pm. Gah. I bike to the Winnebago, put warmer clothes on, eat a can of cold soup and get my poop in a group to leave once more. 

I bike, slightly more pleasantly with socks, gloves and a better coat system, to the bus stop. I meet a 50-year-old lady on the #7 who expresses her fascination with The Rabbit and marijuana. I get to work a few minutes early and it's already chaos. Kids everywhere. This'll be interesting. I have to leave work a bit early to get to my CPR certification class. Still cold. And now my handlebars are wiggly, so I'm riding all loosey goosey up and down hills, cursing about how much I hate life at that very moment.

Thankfully, the CPR class was a strange and welcome delight. And there was free iced tea, and I'm a sucker for some free shit. And even better, Pete picks me up from class so I don't have to bike or ride another bus. We park and then hit up the two-for-one burger deal at Austin Java down the street. I don't think I've ever been so hungry.

Pete was equally as exhausted by the time we get our burgers. He was busy fixing up the Winnebago while I was away all day. In particular, he needed a very specific standard screw (whereas everything else is metric on this engine) to put the distributer cap back on tightly (we drove to Austin with only one screw!). He bikes to O'Reilly's. All they have is metric. Same with AutoZone. Finally, he bikes all the way to Home Depot (pretty far, and very hilly) to get the screw he needs. He's pooped. He rides back, mostly downhill, on super slick roads. His tires are sliding every which way any time he breaks. Scary. 

We had plans to watch a movie after dinner. Instead, we slept. And, oh was it warm!

On to more pleasant events. We went out Friday night! (We almost never go out). 

First, the sunset:

Ooh. Ahh.
Then we walked downtown to hit up 6th street for the night. Gotta love when they shut down the streets for the benefit of drinkers.

This past week was Free Week in Austin, meaning you could go see local bands at a number of different bars with no cover or ticket price. We had intentions of hitting up Emo's or the Flamango Cantina, but we got sidetracked by sexy nurses at the Chuggin' Monkey:

Guilty Pleasures is an all girl cover band and they were rockin'. And saucy. After they finished, we went next door to a bar who's name completely escapes me. For good reason. It was dead.

Blues Band?
And check out the bathrooms. Everything's on a tilt so the doors don't close. Not even close.

We finished our night with some hard core people watching at The Library. Oh sure, there are books. But far greater attention is given to the 4-person Jager ski shot.

The next day, Pete went to help our neighbor William pack up his house across town (he's about to leave for his next adventure). Alone for much of the day, I decided to go explore the state capitol.  

Because Everything's Bigger in Texas, the State Capitol in the largest is gross square footage of all state capitols. It also, like a few other state capitols, exceeds the height of the U.S. Capitol. 

The House
Pete and I reconvene later in the day. We were invited to a lovely lasagna dinner in William's coach (yum!). But first, Pete just had to show me his nuts. His freshly gathered pecans, that is! There are pecans all over the place here at Pecan Grove (obvious?). But William's pecans are bigger and tastier. The one's here are very bitter. So Pete picked a shit ton and he and William worked out a deal. If Pete cracked the nuts, Williams would make a pecan pie. Problem: cracking nuts is super hard and time consuming and making a pie is fairly easy. 

Beginning to crack
We don't have a nutcracker, so Pete's been using pliers and other tools. He cracked for 2 hours on Friday night and 4 straight hours on Saturday morning. And he's not done. We're hoping to have a pie tonight.

All nut jokes aside: I wanna give a big shout out to the boys of the USS Corpus Christi out in Guam! Thanks for reading! Fair Winds and Following Seas.