And one more thing...

Today, I've been sitting, watching XfinityTV and drinking a rum and coke, anxiously waiting for Pete to return from lunch with Greg and William. Greg took the guys out as a thank you for helping he and his wife, Judy move. Such a lovely gesture! But that wasn't all! Judy (who I told you in the last post that I adored), just came knocking at my door. She brought me a bag full of goodies to not only thank Pete but to also welcome us to Austin! The best part about it was that she listened...

* the brie cheese: William brought cheese and crackers out last night as an appetizer for our gathering. Pete and I ranted and raved about how much we loved brie. It's one of my favorite cheeses.
* the Cholula hot sauce: At the breakfast we had a few days ago, I brought out my hot sauce (Tapatío brand), which everyone seemed to enjoy. I told them that I prefer Cholula, but Tapatío is cheaper (and I couldn't find Cholula when we went grocery shopping that week). 
* the bus pass: Last night, I told Judy and the gang about getting my job (hurray!). The only problem was that I wasn't sure how I would be getting there since our Winnebago is not a commuter car or anything (and it's not that easy to get there by bike). We discussed the ease of the bus system here in Austin and they told me where to buy a bus pass. And here I am bus pass richer.

The goody bag came with even more- a delicious, fresh loaf of bread, a jar of fig jam (yum!), and roquefort cheese. Holy crap, I love this town. Thank you Judy!!