While We Wait

Well, we've only got a few days before our planned departure date (which may or may not change depending on the impending snow). Final preparations are being made and the anxiety is setting in. We're concerned about the cold temperatures we'll be facing on the way down- I assume we won't freeze to death in the middle of the night, but you just never know. To battle the frigid air, Pete's constructing window coverings with an insulation material that's fit for a spaceship. He's putting the super shiny covers up by using one of his favorite materials: velcro. From what I gather, when he was in the Navy, his entire submarine was kept together by velcro and duct tape. He is the handiest man I know.

A designer's dream.
They may not be the prettiest window shades in the world, but they will certainly keep us warmer than without them. In fact, we're using the same material under our bed and on the floor too. We'll call it spaceship chic.

But seriously, chic is nowhere near what we're going for right now. Functionality is key. We need to stay warm. And we need to be efficient. I initially struggled with this idea when I first saw the shiny silver bubble-wrap all over our windows. Really? This is what my home is going to look like? But right now, it's just about getting there. We'll sweat the small stuff later. Or maybe not. I suppose I'm not really a chic individual myself, so why worry?

Other than that, our lives have been consumed with massive quantities of deer meat. I previously mentioned that Pete shot two deer in one sitting last week. See:

What a hunk.
To save money, we (read: Pete) decided to butcher the deer at home rather than take it to a butcher. It was quite the laborious process- three days of chopping, slicing, de-fatting, jerky-ing, and portioning.

Slicing meat with freezing fingers.
Neck and leg bones used for delicious chili. 
Cutting and portioning.
On the (disputed) plus side, we've been eating deer meat in various forms for an entire week: steak tenderloins, super fart-inducing chili, tasty roasts, seared heart and liver over unconventional vegetables, over-salted jerky, and the best of all, Guiness-poached deer brains. I kid you not, these deer brains tasted like ricotta cheese. And it spread like cream cheese. Excellent on a cracker with leek, onion and pepper. Delicious!

Looks appetizing, no?