Where the Eff are We?

From what I can tell, Effingham, IL is known only for clever t-shirts: "I stopped in Effingham, IL and all I got was this Effin' t-shirt!" This funny little town became our hometown for the evening. How effin' lovely. 

We left Michigan around 3:30pm yesterday, far later than we actually wanted to. Packing was decent, but we just couldn't seem to get ourselves together fast enough. We finally left, though, leaving a cozy home, a wonderful family and the best dog in the world behind.

Our man, Brutus
We're off!
Overall, the drive was smooth. The Lesharo sounds healthy and we haven't faced any major trouble as of yet. We're driving in 2 hour increments for a number of reasons. First, the gas tank is small and shockingly enough, this 1985 camper is not exactly efficient (in today's standards, anyways).

Second, these engines are known to get incredibly hot. At 62mph, she runs at about 4000rpm, which, though high, is quite an improvement from when we bought the thing. Needless to say, we have to let her cool pretty frequently. Luckily, it's so EFFIN' cold out, that the cooling process is rather swift.

Third, driving this thing is hard work. Every move needs to be calculated. It doesn't stop easily now that it's loaded and on ramps are a definite fright. If we hit an on ramp with an incline, we hope that we can at least get up to 35 mph before merging into traffic. Passing semi's is terrifying; although usually, they're passing us. There aren't any arm rests, so your arms get tired after 30 minutes. The steering wheel is wooden, causing discomfort when I grip onto it for dear life. You have to constantly be checking your speed, the RPMs, and the engine temperature to make sure everything is square.

The worst part of driving, however, is that your left foot becomes ICE COLD. The heat may be blasting and everything else is hot, but there is no way to control the constant 4 degree breeze coming in on the left side of the driver's seat. It's painful, to say the least. 

Pete changing into warmer footwear.
We stopped for dinner around 7pm. I honestly don't remember where. We made turkey and cheese sandwiches. Ta da:

We continued driving into the night, which is our preferred time to drive. No rush hour traffic. Less assholes. It's pleasant. We took turns taking naps on the bed. There's something so serene about lying in your own bed and watching the world pass by your window. It's pure luxury. 

We came to our final stopping point in Effingham, IL at around 1:30am- Pete was too sleepy to take the next shift so we drove around a bit to find the most cliché resting stop there is for RVers: Walmart. We immediately got snuggled up in bed, keeping most of the clothes we were wearing on. But holy cow, was it a cold night. We have a lot of good bedding, but man, there's nothing that could prevent a freezing nose. And when I woke up, I felt like my eyeballs were going to freeze. We woke up around 7am and immediately went into Walmart to buy warm socks and "driving slippers" to prevent that dreaded left foot frost. 

We've driven about 480 miles so far. Hopefully we can do about 600 today. We may take a stop in Memphis to hang out for a little bit, but nothing's official. The goal is to get to warmer temperatures by the time we go to sleep tonight. If we survived the first night, don't you think we can do it again? The real question at hand here is: who's going to be the first to poop in the Winnebago?