Soup, Salad, Breadstick. Repeat.

Pete and I have truly become aficionados of the all-you-can-eat soup, salad and breadsticks deals. Did you know that Applesbee's also partakes in this glorious feasting tradition? First, it's cheaper than Olive Garden ($6/person), there are more options for both soup and salad, and I personally think the soup selections are better (mmm...broccoli and cheese!). Olive Garden's got a one-up on those breadsticks, though; everyone knows that. 

So here we are again, at the Greenville Starbucks. We just walked here after binge eating a total of 8 soups, 6 salads, 7 breadsticks and 4 beers between the two of us at Applebee's. That's about 78 cents per item, including our tip. Not bad. Thanks to our server, Bekah, who never quit asking if we wanted more! 

Of course, getting to the Applebee's (and the Starbucks too) required us to walk across that death-defying bridge again. You come out feeling a little more alive each time. Not only is the height/distance from cars/lack of guard rail/uneven pavement scary, but we also deal with the threat of snakes and/or other snapping creatures once we hit grass again. We'll be trekking back across in a few minutes. Gah...

About to cross...
I-30 traffic below. Tiny guardrail to the left. Cars zipping past on the right.
Other than that, there really isn't much to report at this point. We had so much going on every single day and then all of a sudden, nothing. We're still living it up at Walmart- we've gotten to the know the Salvation Army girl pretty well, just from entering and exiting the store so many damn times. 

We had yet another comfortable night, but it has gotten a bit chillier today. We did some early morning Walmart perusing and shopping (we average about 3 Walmart purchases per day. Sad, yes. Useful, incredibly so). We decided to buy a battery charger so that we can at least drive our Winnebago over to the National Tire and Battery tomorrow, where our alternator is to be delivered. Well, those guys over at the NTB were so nice yesterday, that we thought we'd ask if they'd let us charge our battery there today. Success! They just keep getting nicer over there! No problem, they said. It's charging right now and we're going to go pick it up after we finish up here at Starbucks. Props to National Tire and Battery!
Work it, NTB!
In icky news, we're getting really greasy. And itchy too. We've been without showers since Friday morning. Pete 'washed' his hair with a spray bottle the other day, but I think that only made it worse. We'll get to a camp ground in Austin eventually...