Same Ol' Greenville

Still here. Still dirty. Our alternator is supposed to come in today, so hopefully we can get that all fixed up and hit the road. But she's still not running that well- "a rat nest of problems," Pete says. We really just want to make it to Austin to make it to the shop there that can problem fix our problems. We'll see...

Our little side yard.
We drove to Starbucks today! How relieving. We'll be headed over to our trusty friends at National Tire and Battery here in a few- we need to pick up our part and our other battery they let us charge there over night. Seriously, they're fantastic over there. Brian, the service manager, even hooked us up with a ride home last night so we didn't have to cross a busy street. Actually, he forced his girlfriend to drive us- and she didn't seem that pleased about the whole situation. But it sure was nice! People are so much friendlier here than Chicago. Legit. 

Last night we were going to go to that bar Jersey's to meet up with another traveler we met after crossing the bridge yesterday. His name was Wes but he goes by Pip. He's trying to hitchhike east to Louisiana or Mississippi, but ended up in Greenville after a young trucker stopped here. What a stand up guy! Here's a little about him: he joined the Army, but fled base after a few days of boot camp and got himself a beer. He lived in Seattle for a bit, but his dying mother bought him a ticket to Arizona to see her. He got some girl's number from Walmart, but she's 20 and couldn't go drinking at the bar with him. He asked us for a smoke when we first passed him, but we didn't have anything; we see him about 20 minutes later and gives Pete two cigarettes from a pack he just bought- he had acquired $20 from a passer-by. His bag read, "When life gets rough, remember there's always something worse." We certainly could be dirtier...

Pip, like us, was equally as fascinated by the Walmart Atlases that tell you where every Walmart and Sam's Club is in the country. I swear to God that thing is a lifesaver. We never ended up going to the bar last night, though. I think our late night walk through Walmart tuckered us out. Instead, we ate snacks in the dim light of the tap lights and passed out. It was very frigid again.

Can't see shit, huh? 
We've also become less reliable on Walmart bathrooms. As you already know, both Pete and I have conquered the on-board crap. But we don't necessarily want to waste a whole bag for every single piss. At that rate, we'd be accumulating bags of piss all over our Winnebago before it was time to take the trash out. Pete quickly started using the bottle technique. Easy enough for dudes, but they don't really make lady funnels for pissing in bottles. We scoured Walmart and came across a lovely silver bowl that would fit perfectly into our little toilet. Pee pee success! We call it my "she she bowl" and it works like a charm. Piss, pour, clean, repeat. Is this too much information??