Getting Settled

Well, we've officially been Austin residents for a few days now. We even have an address! We payed for a 15 month lease on a mailbox through UPS, so let's hope we actually want to stay here...

So we've been staying at this awesome RV park called Pecan Grove located within the city- one of very few that is actually close to anything, allowing us to use bikes as our main mode of transportation. It's known for being very exclusive and extremely hard to get into; It's also an old stomping ground for both Mathew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong.

Someway, somehow, we got a spot here. Kinda. Because we're so small, we decided to take the managers up on their offer of an 'overflow' spot. We have water (which we don't really use because we never fixed up our pumps and pipes) and electricity (we can use our fridge!); but our site doesn't, however, give us a way to dump sanitation...which we don't accumulate since we never fixed up our pumps and pipes! And we only spend $10/day instead of the usual $30 for a "real" site. Even if we did stay here everyday, we'd only spend $300/month. For 2 people? Not bad (Remember, we were previously spending $1200/month between the two of us). And now we don't have to buy toilet paper...

It's clear, however, that we are the shittiest RV in the park. By far. We even needed the front desk guy, Bob, to give us a jump this morning. Embarrassing! Luckily, he's an amazing gentleman and he seems to like us- which is actually really what's important here. You'd never be able to stay here long-term if you weren't liked. We've already got the entire month of February booked, so that's probably a good sign. They're most likely OK with us being around because they know they can make money off of us- we're flexible and low maintenance, and because we're new to the site (and young people) we're willing to squeeze our Winnebago just about anywhere. Including next to the dumpster:

What's that smell?
As fate would have us, though, someone canceled and we got our original, slightly more appealing, spot back:

Um, size doesn't matter, dude...
Yea, we look little. And super rickety too (um, we couldn't get the damn thing to start this morning!). Nobody in their right mind would ever buy a Lesharo, RIGHT!? That kind of curiosity brings folks right to us. Thankfully, everyone is super nice and incredibly welcoming. But they always wonder about us. "What is that engine all about?" "Where y'all from?" "How in the hell did you get here?" Basically, we're kinda popular.

And then our neighbor from across the way, Greg, came over and stated, "The Lesharo is the worst mobile home ever designed." Dreams...crushed (as if the Lesharo had really been making us proud this whole time...)

Overall, though, we're really satisfied with our current living situation. We've got access to clean showers (not like we're really using them), toilets (no more she-she bowls!) and laundry. Our location is definitely ideal- we're less than 2 miles from both downtown and the trendy South Congress neighborhood. And we're stealing internet from the restaurant next door. Huzzah!

Now that we're mildly settled (we've paid until January 6 and we're reserved from the 24th until the end of February), we've been enjoying the city through job hunting, walking around and bike riding.

OMG adorable.
We've also been able to enjoy more of our Winnebago's amenities and features. Now that our bikes are set up and parked outside the vehicle, we were able to get the rear of our living space back in order (complete with seats and a table):

Check out the tank top and shorts! 72 degrees and climbing!
We also used our stove for the first time the other day (scary! Are we gonna blow up!?):

Pete made a delicious pasta dish with jalapeño sausage (Texas made!), green peppers, onions and jalapeños. It was superb and definitely beat all the cold soup we've been consuming (not that I'm really hating on the cold soup...because it's awesome!).

We went to the grocery store the other day and picked up a $10 portable grill. Although it has it's fault (what the hell are those hinges for? They hinge nothing!), it still does the job...

Last night we made barbecue chicken and heated up some more of our sausages. What a meal! A somewhat stuck-up diner at the restaurant behind us (where we steal internet) was very upset by our grill's smoke. But I just kept thinking, "This is our home! We can do what I want!" This is probably not entirely true, but I'm gonna live it up like it is!