Christmas Time in Austin

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! We certainly did. I mean, we're not in Greenville anymore, so that's quite the present. Thanks be to Pete for replacing our alternator like a champ!

Without a goodbye, we promptly left Greenville. Austin or bust! Well, we made it. A Christmas miracle!

Texas State Capital! Huzzah!
We slept at a Walmart our first night and it was truly terrific! We kept saying, "Our home is in our home!" We've been planning this Winnebago trip for almost a year now, and it's definitely surreal to finally land in the right spot.

Christmas Eve was cold and rainy. Much thanks to my parents, we stayed at a Fairfield Inn, north of downtown, for the night.

Sorry, Winnie. It's just this once, I swear...
After 7 days of baby wipes and squirt bottles, we got our first real showers. Oh so delightful!! We made a quick stop at Captain Benny's Seafood and Oyster Bar for some crawfish etouffee and stuffed catfish. Delicious! If you told me 5 years ago that I'd one day be eating a seafood feast at a restaurant shaped like a boat on Christmas Eve in Texas, I'd probably slap you. Things definitely change.

We woke up Christmas morning refreshed and jovial. We even took a Christmas card photo:

Ho. Ho. Ho.
We hardcore hit up the free breakfast and continued to use the internet until the last possible moment before checkout. Dude at the front desk was working super hard all by himself. Big props. He even gave me his business card for the possibility of a job hookup in the future. Not bad.

Christmas was cold. Like seriously cold. Chicago cold. But we worked our winter gear and drove the Winnie downtown. We eventually decided to park on 6th Street and hit the streets for open bars, restaurants and other businesses.

Our first stop was the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz Theatre and caught Black Swan while chugging a pitcher of IPA and munching on a turkey wrap. Awesome time. Afterwards, we hit up some bars and eventually made our way to Katz's Deli, a 24 hour joint that touts the slogan: Katz Never Kloses. Well, on January 2, they'll be klosing for good due to bankruptcy issues. Bummer. We figured we would check it out before it was no more. From my observations on Christmas, I can't understand why they're closing: they were packed, with a line, and fooling all they're customers into buying a $17 Christmas plate of one slice of turkey, a ball of mashed potatoes and a few baby carrots. We passed on the only food option and just stuck with drinks and the Wizard of Oz in closed captioning.

Two or so bars later, it was pass out time for me, much to Pete's chagrin (sorry Pete!). We spent the night on the bustling 6th Street. It was definitely still hopping and loud as we hit the hay. Then, as the city quieted down, the Army tank-like street sweepers came out to play, rattling our Winnebago with the force of a stampede. Soon enough, we'll be able to sleep through anything.

We hit up the Walmart this afternoon for some food supplies (fresh guacamole!) and whatnot. We were joined by other, fancier RV folk:

Pick on somebody your own size!   
We've abandoned Starbuck's for the afternoon in favor of the Hideout, a local coffee/beer/improv hang out. Soon, we'll be off to some more adventuring around the city, most likely by bike since it's nice out now. And afterwards, certainly some more drinking...