And We're Off!

Finally! Our departure has arrived. We've only been delayed by approximately 47 days, but who's counting? Our initial goal was to leave before the snow arrived. Fail:

To keep warm, we've spent much of our time at the local Applebee's in Lapeer, MI. We became regulars on karaoke night, where we were awestruck by the immense talent that flocked to the microphone. There's truly nothing better than the soothing sounds of "I've got big balls" while sipping a refreshing Bud Light week after week.

In more important Applebee's news, Pete's on the wall! What exactly does this mean? Well, if you've ever been to this fabulous national restaurant chain, you'd know that they like to fill their walls with what I consider, crap. Photos of a pack of dogs surrounding a horse, for example. The Lapeer Applebee's, however, has dedicated an entire wall to honor its Hometown Heroes: veterans and current service men and women from the area. Mario, one of the restaurant's managers and a good friend, gave us a frame to decorate with photos and memorabilia from Pete's Navy days. Not only did we make an awesome frame for the wall (which garners some sense of fame, in my opinion), but it's one of only two frames currently on the wall. Pretty eye-catching:

The flash conveniently covers secret submarine gauges that
 are forbidden from being published.
Moving on to the Winnebago. We're ready to leave! To prepare, we stayed up until 3:30am last night getting everything organized and into bins. It's been overwhelming to say the least. 

Making a mess of Fran's house
But we got up all bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and packed everything into the Mini Winnie fairly quickly and with surprising ease. 

So what did we pack, you may ask? Well, Pete and I each get one bin for clothing- thank goodness I'm not a slave to my closet. We have a big bin of dry foods; two small boxes of canned/wet food; a bin of power tools; numerous mechanic's bags of every tool imaginable; a bin of parts for our Winnebago; a case of screws, bolts and whatnots we acquired from a dude who died; 2 bikes; a crate of toiletries (including 400+ baby wipes); a few card games; a safe for all of our super secret confidential documents; and a number of other goodies. It's a good thing Pete ripped the original passenger seats out and rebuilt the bed, because we have far more storage than we could have imagined. Pretty impressive. And speaking of our bed, oh does it look comfy!    

Practically a 4-star hotel. Just missing the mints on the pillows.
Bins, bins everywhere.
Bikes: our more reliable mode of transportation.
All we have to do now is shower (because who knows when our next one will be...), recover from a spare tire fiasco, and hit the road. We have no planned route and have no idea where we're going to sleep tonight. I'm putting my faith in my friend Garmin to guide us, although she's been a bit of a twat in the past. I hope I can regain her trust. 

Anyways, we look forward to keeping our prized readers updated with all of our future shenanigans. We've been waiting months for this moment, and I almost can't believe it's happening. Wish us luck!