Stuck in Neutral No More!

I've been sitting around for months trying to think of the best way to jump back on the bloggin' band wagon. It seems so easy for everybody else on my damn Facebook feed, all of whom are juggling pooping children, working full-time jobs and perfecting their grandma's enchilada recipe. 

I'd like to think that I've spent the last year writing diligently in my moleskin journal and doing hot yoga and hiking everyday. My personal 'soul-strengthening' being the reason for my blog departure. But alas, I accepted a job at a startup in the Silicon Valley, and that should about explain my absence. 

I hit a pretty low point last night: alone in the Winnebago, eating filthy Taco Bell and crying hysterically while watching Brave and questioning my life choices. It was then, in a fog of flatulence, that I knew I needed to get my shit together. There are some pretty stellar things going on, and you're really gonna want to hear about them.

So, yea...Pete & Kara are back, ya dig?

We're not completely boring anymore...