From Four Wheels to Foundation

We haven't spent the last three years cramped in a tiny, rent-free, rolling hot box for nothing! We've got dreams, people... 

So we bought a house. A big one!


Hey, remember when we used to live in that tiny Astro Van!? Read about it here

Truthfully, though, a mortgage was never our dream. We were prepared to live in the Winnebago for as long as needed in order to pay cash for a house. And then it became ever more apparent that we'd be settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, only the most expensive freaking place on the planet. We've saved some dough...but damn!  

So we compromised. Mortgage, sure - but it better be so worth it! Instead of limiting our search to tiny, yard-less $1 million mid-century fixer-uppers close to work, we set our sights on bigger, multi-unit houses with lots of land in the Santa Cruz mountains for half the price. 

And I think we nabbed a good one! After a tumultuous bidding and loan approval process (which we'll be sure to document in a "How Not to Buy a House" post), we became the official homeowners of, what is to us, a MANSION. 

This crib has four separate units, three of which we plan on renting out ASAP. Yes, renting! Talk about a mortgage being worth it - we'll just have other people pay it for us! Pete & Kara: The Landlords. Catchy, no? Wacky stories to ensue, I'm sure. 

You want a little tour of the casa? Let's go!

 "Back" side porch

Dining area. Nice card table, eh?

Kitchen - needs a serious makeover! Oven on  the counter!?

Living room. Comfy couch, huh?

Like living in a tree house.

From twin bed to queen bed!

Hilarious swans in the master bathroom

The walk-in closet is the size of our Winnebago!

We could fit, like, 75 Winnebagos in this place! And that's just a look at the main "apartment." There's two other small units below, a separate guest house and 3.6 acres yet to explore. Oh, and poison oak. LOTS of poison oak.